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A Ghost and a Cop Series

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York Street

Brett O'Shea is a young street cop in Des Moines trying to make detective. He works by the book and doesn't believe in hocus pocus. Until a ghost named, Al, visits Brett claiming that he's been sent to help Brett solve a series of murders, including the 1933 murder of Brett's great-grandfather, who was also a detective. The mischievous Al appears to be more of a pain than help for Brett. The pair quickly discover that the killer has supernatural abilities and their investigation takes off on a supernatural rollercoaster. Brett's problems mount when an attractive female reporter suspects that Brett is hiding something and begins her own investigation. Brett and Al must figure out how to work together in order to catch the killer before loved ones die.

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Red Sunset Drive

A year ago, Detective Brett O'Shea didn't believe in hocus pocus or paranormal shenanigans. Then, a ghost showed up at his house and announced that they were going to work together to catch a serial killer with supernatural powers. After that, it was pretty hard for Brett to deny there were things in the world beyond his understanding even where the law was concerned.

Now, he's got his perfect job and a beautiful girlfriend, but everything starts to crumble when an influential citizen confronts the detective with possible evidence of a vampire in the area. To further complicate things, Brett's girlfriend leaves him. As bodies begin to pile up again, Brett calls on his ghostly partner for help, but the killer is one step ahead.

Chaos and mayhem rock the city. When an unexpected individual with unnatural abilities steps forward and offers to help catch the killer, Brett has to decide whether to trust this person or not. Opting for trust, the detective builds a unique team of crime fighters to go after the threat. Can this supernatural team figure out how to kill a paranormal entity before a loved one is murdered?


Red Sunset Drive is now a movie!

Based on the novel by the same name, Red Sunset Drive follows detective Brett O'Shea as he tries to stop a serial killer that exhibits unique supernatural tendencies.

You can own Red Sunset Drive for only $11!

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Tempest Court

Detective Brett O’Shea just discovered something about himself—something that could be the death of him. For three years, Brett has hunted and killed supernatural monsters that are the basis of nightmares. He thinks he has seen it all. This case will test Brett’s resolve and his ability to overcome a great loss. When a friend brings an Egyptian exhibit to the Des Moines Art Center, the terror begins. Brett and his ghostly partner, Michael, are hunted by a mummy whose intent on gaining immortality. The mummy overwhelms Brett and his coworkers with his knowledge of ancient magical spells once known only to pharaohs. Brett and his team frantically try to crack a mysterious book of spells in order to beat the mummy at his own game. Will they find the right spell before someone else close to Brett dies?

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