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A Ghost and Cop Series

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Detective Brett O’Shea has hunted and killed supernatural monsters that are the basis of nightmares. He thinks he has seen it all. This case will test Brett’s resolve and his ability to overcome a great loss. Will Brett and his ghostly partner, Michael, crack a mysterious book of spells before someone else close to Brett dies?

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Detective Brett O’Shea just discovered something about himself—something that could be the death of him.

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Jan Walters' Story

People always ask, "where did you get your ideas?"  For Jan, it was a box filled with hand-written notes from her grandmother that inspired A Ghost and A Cop series.

Jan grew up and still resides in central Iowa. Besides her love of writing fiction, Jan owns a consulting company, which specializes in the delivery of government nutrition benefits

A Ghost and a Cop Series 

York Street

Red Sunset Drive

Tempest Court

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Red Sunset Drive is now a film!

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